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Against The Odds, Show Up...

Updated: 7 days ago

There are sayings like, "Grow where you are planted," or, "Go where the wind takes you...."

I feel like there's a mix of those messages in all the wild morning glories in my backyard this year... You see, I haven't planted any. Really any of anything... This summer has been kind of a hot mess...

But yet my perennial daylilies have sprouted and are blooming, the tomato plants are pretty much no maintenance here in Ohio, but it's these morning glories that make me laugh every morning when I deadhead them... Without fail more and more seedlings are popping up in areas pretty far away from where I planted them a couple Ostaras ago... Now yes this is a plant that can reseed itself but to take root in the cracks of concrete where other plants have clearly tried and failed is a certain type of confidence, I aspire too...

We are not meant to always stay where we started... We don't necessarily need the best conditions to bloom, but can have faith that if we continue to show up, we will thrive against the odds...

Blessings unto thee, & so it is.


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