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"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

                ~ Galileo

To say it has been a winding path to this juncture along my life's journey would be an understatement...  The landscape of my awakening has been wrought with both beautiful and traumatic moments, all of which have shaped me into a soul who seeks spirit daily with an open heart and awe for their workings within me... Quite a lot of the time, doing so with a 'Chironic' perspective... 

In working with deity from two pantheons, Greek and Norse, their mythos has been transcendent for me in understanding how the essences of both the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine flow in unison.  This awareness mixed with purposeful connecting to my Othala energy, ancestral heritage, is where I draw strength... 


Stemming from that core base I find another duality of importance.  Mother Earth & Father Sky.  In herbalism I find an outlet that is as cathartic as it is enriching, allowing me to commune with Gaia in ritual/practice, bringing weight to the adage "As Above, So Below." 


In a similar way so has my study of the night sky...  Through the lens of understanding personal psychology and soul evolution the gods, constellations, and planets have shown me time and again they have so much to teach us when we are ready to strip back the ego, allowing ourselves to be taken to school ...


The art of self-reflection can be one of the darkest arenas, however fear not, the stars are our lampades guiding the way forward.... 

Zodiac Chart

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