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New Moon in Cancer: Manifesting A Home-Life Focus.

Updated: 7 days ago

I am of the belief that the Full Moons and New Moons take place over a series of days... I draw this conclusion from the fact that in astrology we consider planets conjunct if they are within eight degrees of the other. That number is increased to ten when talking about both the luminaries, as the consensus is our ego and emotional nature are more effected by the energies which surround them than say an outer planet would be to a transiting asteroid.

With that understanding is then the fact we take about three days to pass outside the ten degree mark after a New Moon, or in the Full Moons case, for it and the Sun to move out of full opposition. So while the latest New Moon "took place" on the seventeenth, here on the evening of the eighteenth we are still only two percent illuminated. This is a time of quiet work, intentional magick, and purposeful manifesting.

The contrast between the Capricorn Full Moon earlier this month and that of the Cancer New Moon currently is quite profound. Where the former had us more focused on our careers and goals, the latter calls us to envision what a nurturing space means for us? Do you need organization and a structured design to feel comfortable within your space? Perhaps you are one that feels most at home when you have dopamine decor on display. Where someone else might feel your space is erratic and sensory overload with the piles of books, numerous throws sprawled about the living room, and countless nick knacks placed every which way, to you those optics bring a sense of belonging when you pass through your front door.

Or perhaps it's not about the visuals at all, but rather a feeling that you can hold space for yourself and your loved ones within the four corners of your home. And that's what is paramount to you. Regardless of which avenues resonates at this time for each of us, we are being called to actively pursue changes that will benefit the mental wellbeing and emotional fulfillment of those under our roofs.

The insight I drew late June when I was looking ahead to this month's transits and forecast was that while earth and water are quite different, we were talking two cardinal signs. These are energies that are largely self-sufficient and creative in accomplishing what they set out to do. May this month have been or will be the month that you set about focusing on your professional ambitions in equal measure of your personal needs.

Blessings unto thee, & so it is.


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