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Getting Settled Into The New Nodal Axis: Aries/Libra...

Updated: 7 days ago

Pushing ourselves to assert our will in the face of co-dependent tendencies.

At times life seems as if it is a large pirouetting cycle… Lessons coming for us time and again. Evaluating if we have gained wisdom from past experiences, or otherwise… In part, life is exactly that… Frustrating as this can be in a world which promotes "progress" over "being," we are capable of emulating both ideals. What it takes is to step back a moment, allowing for space to be set for oneself in acknowledging the importance each action possess.

A fractured way of looking at personal expansion.

There is a consensus, individuals who evolve and seek growth theoretically should not have to revisit the same themes. Some even go as far as to say things such as ‘Until you learn your intended lesson, the universe will bring said energy/problems into your life, forcing you to overcome and ascend.’ This indirectly assumes that one must be able to move forward and be progressively productive in all manners of their being in order to be considered “on the right track”. While they seek to sound sage-like, here is the catch. Direction first takes a trajectory…. As any archer, billiard, or seamstress will tell you, the slightest change in approach will have a lasting effect on an end result. While many things may be a straight line, life sure is not one of them, as such neither is healing nor evolution…
To believe the art of learning or bettering oneself is done in one direction, and one direction only, is inherently flawed. And as heartbreaking as it may be to realize you were likely, as was I, conditioned to see life through a lens which views revisiting something as essentially a failure, such a detrimental perspective is sadly a commonplace experience, exceedingly more so for the feminine population.

If you were to gain anything from working with me or reviewing my work, I would pray it would be this:
The art in letting go of expectations is a practice mastered overtime through repeated conscious effort. Then, and only then, does the mundane life cease and a magical one take its place…

Whatever chaptered life event, traumatic upheaval, or astrological alignment we are pushed to navigate through, there are times in life where one is forced to take pause, and reflect upon how one has evolved, or ask ‘Have I evolved?’ Regardless of the answer to that question, any student of the cosmos would tell you that there are cycles that repeat themselves despite if we have passed a theoretical test. Phases of the moon and planets in their retrograde transits are more commonly known happenings of this, however this theme is just as strongly felt when larger reversals take place, I.e. the Nodes sliding back through the zodiac one sign at a time, forcing adjustments to our personal destinies…

Assess, Assert, Align ...

We just undertook the recent New Moon in the sign of Cancer which is predominately preoccupied with comfort and brings a sentimental base to how we focus on the ideal of setting scared space… While new moons are wonderful when it comes to aligning intention or embarking upon fresh projects, (as they typically are accompanied by a burst of momentum), there can be some hesitation to utilizing this force proactively in one's life.

At large the Cancer zodiac tends to get a bad rap for being overly impassioned. Ironically it is the intense emotional landscape of this water sign which holds its significant manifesting prowess due to the fact it brings our passionate self to the surface… Why is this important currently? Because, passion can then be related into fire energy. Aside from our dominant luminary being ruled by fire, (Sun:Leo) it is the planets Mars and Jupiter, also naturally fire ruled (Mars:Aries, Jupiter:Sagittarius) which oversee our will power and drive for expansion which coaxes along our regeneration.

This is influential when keeping in mind that after an eighteen month stint in Taurus the North Node crossed the cusp into Aries territory on July 18th….If over the next year and a half we do not make decisions which align with our personal needs and best practices, we're going to find ourselves emotionally bankrupt with a home/work life balance that is probable to be majorly disproportional and unfulfilling…

When the lunar nodes shift they do so forcing reflectivity, as it is an energy of the cosmos which is perpetually retrograde. Therefore, roughly every twenty years you are going to start to revisit paths you were on two decades previous… Greater than what has been felt in this decade to date, the need to stand in main character aesthetic' instead of satisfying for the shadows is here to stay a while…

This was brought into a personal exclamation this past weekend with the awareness that many of my classmates attended our twenty-year high school reunion in Northern California. Naturally the last several days have had an introspective energy to them, felt more intensely by the additional retrogrades of Venus and Chiron. Reunions tend to make you ponder just how different you are from the version of yourself before… There's a level of pride in me in being able to say I am much more like that girl, twenty years on, than I was a mere six years ago, that though being a topic for another day and blog post …

Previous to the current axis we were aligned with Taurus/Scorpio, a nodal line up that was strongly attuned to the tangible world and relationships. If you follow my Threads you will know I’ve been pressing how this energy shift from the fixed earth sign to cardinal fire will be intricately important to our mental health. As it will illuminate to us how making choices that are beneficial for the individual will, in the long run, positively effect the collective we come in contact with.
When departing from relationships that may have been comforting at one time but have run their course we set ourselves free to evolve and find new strengths. A radical independence can be found through this… As a one-year-old no longer wants mommy to carry them everywhere, or a young woman delights at the adventure ahead of graduating high school, you realize that some of your relationships, should you keep them unchanged, will only hold back the maturing of your soul. Recognizing codependences followed by eradicating their hold on us is all part of this process…

The North Node is not a sole energy within Aries for the next several months. As we traverse its effects on our psyche we will still be grappling with the fact that Chiron sits pretty central Aries. Meaning what the cosmos is calling us to actively take part in is a sore spot for a lot of us. Asserting our will having been something we have felt shunned as a consequence of. At times when we placed ourselves in the limelight, taken charge, or stood on a moral hillside, it was then we opened ourselves up to battlement.

That comes under an exceedingly different lens when bringing in the influences of personal chironic energy. Natives such as me, with a Gemini Chiron, will see the followings months centrally focused around our Throat Chakras and using our voice to establish our distinctivity, where as natives with a natal Scorpion Chiron will likely aspire to affirm they have the ability to open up to whom they chose while feeling safe mentally/emotionally in the exchanges…. Both challenges and perspectives end up being a source of self-love and self-truth, which could take lesson from the reminder to, “observe don't absorb,” specifically regarding other’s insecurities as our own.

Blessings unto thee, & so it is.


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